Black Heart in Ginza is located on a narrow alley near Sukiyabashi that is crowded with bars and restaurants. It is within a short walking distance from Ginza/Hibiya subway stations and Yurakucho JR station. There are many long-established bars nearby. We are looking forward to your visit to this intimate basement hideout bar with good old atmosphere of Showa-era.

Ginza Black Heart
Taimei Bld.B2F, 6-3-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo , Japan * Google Map is available here.

Located within 1 minute walk from Ginza subway station (Marunouchi/Hibiya/Ginza Lines) and 5 minutes walk from Yurakucho JR station. Please refer to the map and avoid taking the wrong way.

Direction from Exit C2 of Ginza station


Direction 1 - Walk up the stairs to Exit C2 of Ginza station.


Direction 2 - At Exit C2, take a right U-turn and walk straight with the construction fence on your left hand side, and then take a left at the first corner. D


Direction 3 - Walk straight down Sukiya St.


Direction 4 - Walk straight with the “Tower of the Sun” on your right hand side.


Direction 5 - Walk straight with Toho-Kenbunroku (a Japanese style pub) on your right hand side.


Direction 6 - You will see a sign of an Oden shop and a flag of a soba noodle shop on your right hand side. .


Direction 7 - Take the narrow alley between the sign and the flag.


Direction 8 - You will see the sign of Black Heart on your left hand side.


Direction 9 - Black Heart is located down the stairs, in the second basement.


Direction 10 - We will be waiting for your visit.